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Enhance Employee Satisfaction and Productivity with Peazy's Mobile Service Platform

Offer personalized services right at the workplace, from dry cleaning to massage therapy, ensuring your team can focus on what they do best.

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Featured Partners

Johnston Group

Company and Employee Benefits

Company Dry Cleaning Pick-up

Ultimate Convenience

From mobile haircuts to ergonomic assessments, we deliver trusted services directly to your door.

Employee Massages

Save Time

Your employees can save hours weekly by accessing essential services without leaving the office.

Work Life Balance

Work-Life Balance

Enable employees to handle personal needs on-site, freeing up more time for family and hobbies.

Working Together

Increase Productivity

Boost morale and efficiency by eliminating time spent on errands. Let your team focus on their goals.

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How it works


Join us for free and together, we'll set up a peazy schedule of services for your office.


Book service events or lunch & learns for your team or allow your team to book personal services they need.


Share a custom link with your employees to learn about the services coming to the office.


Enjoy the services & together, we save more car rides for our planet.

Video Resources

How to create your business account and first service event

How to share your service event with your employees

How to create a service area and specify where in your office to have the SP located during the service

Group Events & Sessions

Build culture and connections with engaging in-office events, pros come to you. Learn, bond, have some fun. It's Peazy.

Sign up now to offer unmatched convenience and productivity to your workforce.

Frequently Asked Questions




How does pricing work?
We offer transparent pricing for every service, no hidden or additional fees.

How far in advance should we book?
Services can be booked up to 48hours in advance.

Can employees book individually?
Yes, you can set up your location policy to allow your team to book services independently once enrolled. Alternatively, they can decide to book additional services at their home if that is more convenient.

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