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Johnston Group and Peazy Redefine the Office Experience

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Johnston Group has teamed up with Peazy to bring more wellness to the workweek. Our purpose? To bid those lengthy commutes farewell and usher in a wave of convenience with a lineup of professional services right in the office. Imagine chair massages, oil changes, tire swaps, dry cleaning pick up and even virtual consultations with a dietitian—all seamlessly woven into the fabric of your workday. We believe that a happy, relaxed team is the heartbeat of success. So, wave goodbye to stress and welcome a workplace where wellbeing takes the spotlight. Johnston Group and Peazy: Making your work life simpler, healthier, and a bit more fun too!

Peazy Wellness Recap

Office-friendly Peazy is in full swing, delivering services to your workplace, saving you precious time, commuter cash, and scoring major points for Team Earth!

7-Week Results


Wellness Appointments Delivered



Car Rides Saved

Hours Saved For Important Stuff

Anonymous, Employee

"I got the oil change and it was super convenient and everything seemed great."

Corrin, Employee

Service options have been wonderful. I used the massage service at lunch but then I also booked a virtual dietician session. This was great because I have been wanting to meet with a dietician for years so with the introduction of the Peazy services through work, it took me no time at all to set this up and finally have my session I've always wanted. I look forward to trying the dry cleaning service soon, as well.

Bev, Employee

The service could not have come at a better time for me! I was trying to find a dry cleaner in my area and currently there are none! I had a winter coat cleaned - the price is very reasonable and the convenience of drop off and delivery at the office just can't be beat. Peazy is the way to go!

Services Delivered To Johnston Group

At Peazy, local professionals bring convenience to your door. We vet and ensure all necessary qualifications, guaranteeing you're in capable hands. Making personal services more accessible to all right at the office. 

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