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Lunch & Learn


Support your team's well-being while building culture & connection. Choose from a short-list of curated topics and experts each quarter. Because a happy, engaged team a  successful one!

Lunch and Learn in office

Q1 Lunch & Learn Topics

To build culture & connection. Simplify your lunch & learns effortlessly by selecting and scheduling with peazy.


IA Hacks For The Workplace
45 min, $250 up to 50 people

David Owasi AI speaker

David Owasi
Outreach Genius AI

AI isn't going to replace your job, but those skilled in using AI could. I'll outline simple steps and effective tools to get ahead, showing how you can harness AI to increase productivity and simplify tasks without feeling overwhelmed.


Brain Health & Neuroplasticity
45 min, $250 (1-16 people)
45 min, $480 (17-30 people)
90 min, $1000 (50+ people)


Karen Cameron Friesen - Brain Health

Karen Friesen,
CK2 Brain Health

Discover the transformative impact of brain health and the science of neuroplasticity on overall well-being and success.  Uncover practical exercises to enhance your day and be inspired by the profound changes achievable through neuroplasticity. 


Accountability In Goal Setting
45 min, $250 up to 50 people

Justine McDonald - Goal Chasers

Justine McDonald
Goal Chasers


Looking to increase employee retention, satisfaction and productivity?  I have a simple tool that no other goal setting expert is teaching. A process I walk you & your  team through in just 30 mins. This training will benefit employees at any level.


Cultivating Comfort & Joy In Everyday Life
45 min, $250 up to 50 people

Jill Kantor - Hygge

Jll Kantor
HR Lead, Wellness Coach

Explore the Danish concept of Hygge, learning how to infuse your daily lives with this philosophy of comfort & well-being. This session will cover the essentials of setting Hygge goals, offering strategies to enhance relaxation, joy, and mindfulness in routine activities. 

Meet Our Professional Service Providers

Serving up expertise in your breakroom: Lunch and learn with top professionals, strengthening your team's connections. Another great reason to work in-office. Contact us to learn more.

Now In Winnipeg

Book lunch & learns to your office for employee well-being, learning and connection.

Group social setting

Interested in Group Events?

Bringing your team together for culture & connection - and a lot of fun! #peazydoesit

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