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Transform Your Brick-and-Mortar Business. Unlock New Opportunities, Expand Your Reach
It's peazy.

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Are you a brick-and-mortar business owner looking to reach more customers and increase revenue? Peazy can help transform your business by leveraging our mobile booking platform. Discover how you can maximize your potential and take your business beyond your four walls.

How it works

Why Choose peazy to Scale Your Brick-and-Mortar Business?

1 / Reach New Customers

Expand your customer base and reach new markets with peazy. Our platform connects you with customers beyond your physical location, helping you grow your business and increase revenue.

2 / Optimize Resource Utilization

Maximize your resources and increase profitability. Peazy helps you utilize spare capacity in your brick-and-mortar business, turning downtime into revenue-generating opportunities.

3 / Build Brand Awareness

Build brand awareness and visibility in your community. With peazy, you can establish your mobile presence and become known as a reliable service provider wherever you go.

4 / Adapt to Changing Consumer Expectations

Consumer expectations and behaviors are changing, with a shift towards mobile services. With peazy, you can stay ahead of the curve and serve customers where they are. Be prepared to meet changing demands and solve for both brick-and-mortar and mobile services seamlessly.

Everything You Need in One Place

Group Events

Designed to encourage group events in offices, residential buildings or neighboorhoods

Reduce time between bookings

Consolidate appointments in one location to cut travel costs, time wasted, and boost earnings 

Online Booking System

Easy to use, 24/7 appointment scheduling.

Access to our business network

Let us handle the marketing while you effortlessly tap into a new business clientele through our extensive network

Free Profile Page

Expand your reach with our network of consumers searching for mobile services.

Calendar Sync

Run a Peazy account alongside your existing setup, leveraging availability in your calendar for more appointments from our marketplace

Made for all mobile well-being services

Do you deliver well-being directly to your customers' homes or offices? You belong on peazy.

Ready to Transform Your Business?

Join our list of brick-and-mortar businesses that have transformed their operations with peazy. Sign up today and unlock new opportunities for growth and expansion!

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