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Boost Your Startup or Side Hustle with Peazy: Introducing Google Calendar Sync

Updated: May 17

In today's fast-paced world, entrepreneurs embarking on startups or side hustles need a reliable platform to grow their business and connect with clients seamlessly. Whether you're a budding freelancer seeking side gigs or envisioning a full-scale mobile service venture, Peazy emerges as the ultimate ally in scheduling efficiency and business expansion.

Simplify Scheduling Woes with Google Calendar Sync

Imagine bidding farewell to scheduling nightmares—no more double bookings, no more overlapping appointments. Peazy's cutting-edge Google Calendar sync feature transforms scheduling complexities into a breeze. By aligning your regular availability on Peazy with your Google Calendar, you wave goodbye to lunch break worries and accidental double-bookings. It's hassle-free scheduling at its finest.

Amplify Visibility and Opportunities

Joining Peazy isn't just about finding clients; it's about amplifying your reach and seizing new opportunities. Our platform acts as a gateway to a vast array of clients, spanning diverse industries and needs. With our robust marketing strategies, your profile gains prominence, ensuring maximum visibility and client engagement. It's your ticket to unlocking a world of business potential.

Seamlessly Manage Operations for Optimal Efficiency

Efficiency is the backbone of any successful venture, and Peazy is here to bolster yours. Our intuitive interface simplifies the booking process for clients, while seamless in-app communication keeps you connected and informed at all times. With Peazy taking care of administrative tasks, you're empowered to focus on delivering top-notch service and driving business growth.

Connect your google calendar

Kickstart Your Journey in Four Simple Steps

  1. Log into Your Peazy Account: Access your Peazy dashboard and log in to your account effortlessly.

  2. Connect to Google Calendar: Spot the "Connect to Google Calendar" button atop your homepage and click to proceed.

  3. Log into Your Google Account: Follow the prompts to log into your Google account and accept the terms seamlessly.

  4. Start Syncing: Voila! Peazy seamlessly syncs with your Google Calendar, displaying your booked events within the app promptly.

Essential Reminder:

While Peazy adeptly manages cancellations and edits made within the app, remember that direct updates in your Google Calendar won't sync with Peazy. For uninterrupted synchronization, ensure all alterations are made directly within the Peazy app.

Elevate Your Business with Peazy

In essence, embracing Peazy is the pivotal step forward for entrepreneurs aiming to propel their startup or side hustle to new heights. With streamlined scheduling, amplified visibility, operational efficiency, and unwavering support, Peazy equips you with the tools and resources needed to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. Don't hesitate—join Peazy today and embark on your journey to entrepreneurial success.

Mobile service provider side hustle

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