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Peazy, now serving office towers in Winnipeg with dry cleaning pick-up.

Updated: Apr 17

Introducing Peazy: Bringing Professional Services to Your Office and Home in Winnipeg.

It can be difficult to juggle work, life, and personal responsibilities. Sometimes we struggle to find time to take care of ourselves and our things, leading to stress and burnout. That's where Peazy comes in - a new company in Winnipeg that brings professional services directly to your door, whether at work or home.

Peazy is all about supporting your work-life balance. Your time is valuable, and that's why we've created a service that saves you time and hassle. Dry cleaning pick-up helps when you are short on time. Plus, we cut your commute and save car rides for our planet. We've partnered with Delta Cleaners to clean and press your clothes and return them ready to wear. No extra fees. Free to sign up. It's simple. It's Peazy.

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