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Peazy Services

Book Peazy Services in Winnipeg. No stress, no commute.

Learn more about our Peazy personal services that come to you. Save time and hassle. Take care of you and your things without hidden fees. Serving you, anywhere in Winnipeg.

Peazy Services Come To You

Local pros partner with Peazy to deliver their services to your location to save you effort. They love providing their services and making it more accessible for you.

Save time

Peazy Pick Ups

Conveniently comes to you - to save you time and hassle.​

  • dry cleaning pick up/return

  • coming soon - oil change

  • coming soon - tire swaps


Peazy Pros

Self-care where you are - utilize benefits and book online.

  • mobile chair/full massage therapy

  • on-site manicure & pedicure

  • virtual dietitian & nutrition


Peazy Perks

Contact us to arrange events for your team or friends.

  •  wine & food events

  • wellness presentations

  • lifestyle workshops

Dry Cleaning & Laundry Pick Up/Return At Your Office

Dry cleaning winnipeg
Delta Cleaners

Cut your commute with Peazy pick-ups. Many orders in your area so it's planet friendly and convenient for you.  Save time and hassle while paying the same prices if you dropped it off yourself.

Peazy has partnered with Delta Cleaners for dry cleaning and laundry pick up and return.



Dry Cleaning Pick-Up
How it works


Sign up, it's free. There are no hidden booking fees. Dry Cleaning order is a minimum of $20 so about 5 shirts or 2 pairs of pants.


Add your home and/or work locations to request dry cleaning pick-up on a set date and time. 


Provider comes to you to pick-up your cleaning and return it three-business days later. They will knock, enter your office lobby or give you a call to connect.



You'll be charged for the items that you clean, same prices if you drop it off directly.

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