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Founding Purpose: My "Aha" Moment

Updated: Mar 19

Founder finding his "aha" moment


In a modern world where time is a luxury and existence often seems like a long list of errands, there comes a needful thought and ‘a light bulb moment’ — something to make life easier. My ‘light bulb moment’ was when peazy came in clutch . This is it, I thought to myself, the reason why peazy was founded. 

The Inconvenience Dilemma: 

Picture the weekday, the 20-stop version with drycleaners, hairdresser, kids hairdresser, kids physio, oil changes, massages and sports everywhere. With four kids, it always feels like a tornado, so on this day I booked a haircut, car wash and oil change all to the office to save me some time.  Morning comes - I drop my keys at the reception. Start my day, at 10am my cell phone buzzed to remind me of my haircut at the office.  Back to work in 25min. The day comes to an end and then it hits me like a freight train.  

The "Baller" Feeling: 

That feeling of being taken care of, without having to drive four places and check in twice and wait for an hour and a half was – baller status. That was my ‘aha’ moment, that’s when I knew I had to go all in on peazy.  That day, I went home feeling like a boss; a new haircut, my truck detailed and oil change done. I just saved myself 3 hours of my life and knocked off 3 items from my todo list. 

The Founding Purpose of peazy: 

The vision behind peazy is simple yet profound: to make life more convenient, sustainable, and cost-effective for busy professionals and parents. But our purpose goes beyond mere convenience. It's about creating a ripple effect of positive change, benefiting everyone involved.  

1. Convenience Beyond Measure: 

Imagine a world where everything you need and want is brought to you. Where you don’t have to travel between appointments, where you don’t have to wait in queues and don’t waste time. A world where you are not dependant on someone else’s schedule. At peazy, you, yes you, are in control. Your time. Your terms. 

2. Sustainability at the Core: 

By having your appointments arranged or bundled for you in one location, or even in one region, you are actively helping to preserve our planet – one point of the iceberg at a time. Every booking you make is a green booking. 

3. Savings for All: 

Besides the time saved by doing multiple tasks in one spot, you save money by booking a full day of services.  For Service Providers, we are cutting their costs so they are not traveling between locations and wasting time.  This is how we can offer bulk discounts; The more appointments we book in one location the more you can save. Not only are you doing your hair and your nails, you are keeping your body and your wallet feeling good! 

4. A Safe, Accessible Future: 

Our foremost commitment is ensuring safety and accessibility. Our mission is clear: to offer our customers secure, premium services and to enhance the quality of life for those with limited mobility. Peazy opens doors for everyone to access a realm of professional services right at their doorstep, regardless of their age or ability, services are accessible to all, safely.


peazy was established with a clear vision: to redefine the world of mobile personal services. We are busting through the door to mobile services being considered a luxury, and have been working hard to make it the new normal–all the while maintaining our commitment to our planet. One step at a time, one doorstep at time, you are changing the world around you. 

From the very first "aha" moment, my unwavering mission has been to make sure that the "baller" feeling isn't reserved for a select few. It shouldn't be a luxury limited to a certain status. In fact, with Peazy, you can attain that same sensation without breaking the bank. In most cases, you'll discover that the cost is less than what you'd typically pay for your "normal" inconvenient choices. The key is to give peazy a shot; you need to experience it to truly grasp its transformative power. Try it, and you'll believe it.

Welcome to peazy – convenience with purpose.

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