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Peazy does the dirty work with dry cleaning pick-up in Winnipeg.

Updated: Apr 17

The pros at Delta Cleaners have teamed up with Peazy for dry cleaning pick-up and return at no additional cost. A convenient solution for those who want their clothes cleaned without the hassle of remembering to drop it off or pick it up. Plus, you'll save time and gas money.

It's a more sustainability solution as Peazy does many pick-ups at one location or office building and together, we cut car rides for our planet.

Our service is affordable and hassle-free, with no pick up or return fees. And with a turnaround time of just three business days, you can have your clothes cleaned and returned to you before you miss them. The experienced professionals at Delta Cleaners handle your clothes with care, ensuring they are cleaned according to their specific garment instructions. Dry cleaning doesn't always mean just dry cleaning. It is really a full laundry service.

Say goodbye to the hassle and and hello to our convenient and sustainable dry cleaning pick up service in Winnipeg. Let us take care of your dry cleaning needs so you can focus on what really matters - living your life.

a man carrying a dry cleaning bag leaving office
person dressed in blazer and shirt leaving office carrying dry cleaning bag

For a limited time, if you book with $50 worth of items, you'll receive a Peazy laundry bag, reuse it again and again. Book Peazy.

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